Effective Communication In Market

A Creative Leader, Thinker | Passionate Artist- Preparing a Masterpiece

~ The Art of Communicating Creatively ~

Effective Communication, a key to becoming a valuable brand. It’s not what you say but how you say it. It is more than just giving information to the people. Most important thing is to understand the emotion and intentions behind the information. And being able to clearly convey a message that makes the other person feel heard and understood.


In this digital age, at workplaces, communication is shifting more towards online platforms. The mode of communication is constantly changing and we have to quickly adapt to it. But no matter what you choose to adapt, your communication must be effective. Believe you me. No matter how much money you spent to communicate, you just need effective communications for building a valuable brand.

Let’s talk about one of my connected brand Carnival Assure. I have been with this brand since day one. It’s a digital platform that makes buying and using insurance really effortless. How do we ensure that? By using technology we have transformed the long and tedious insurance buying activity to something that is quick and easy. And in the process, we’ve managed to fit something as massive as insurance in your pocket.

Your well-being is Assured with Us!

One day CEO Bhaiya (Carnival Assure) told me that it is digital first which means that you will be as comfortable using it as you are using your own smartphone. Let’s make people know how easy the insurance now through some powerful campaigns. where they will be interested about it. That’s mean Effective Communications! Right? The challenge was accepted.

After a lot of thoughts, having coffee with the team, brainstorming, mind mapping and a lots of drawing, fighting with computer, I went back to Bhaiya with those series of works. He smiled softly. He shook his head and said “Great”.

Yes, we wrote as if we were spoke to our TG. We tried to convey a message to them that gets results. Didn’t complicated our message, kept it concise and direct. By thoughtful creative direction and visualization, we easily captured viewers’ attention and explained our cause. Simple.

An effective communication needs to be received and understood by audience. Communication when ineffective can waste time, emotions and lead to misunderstandings and eventual loss of relationships.


With only just 3 steps, get insured on-the-go.