Branding of Carnival WiFi Haat

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A Story in My Branding Practice Career

It’s a beautiful story to tell in my small branding practice career. I’ve been with Carnival Internet since day one and it’s a brand I love. Actually started working with this brand when it was formerly known as Doze Internet. I had to work day and night for re-branding. Since then till now I’ve been taking care of it. So every bit of good work Carnival Internet does really excites me. WiFi Haat is just such a dream prospect that is really amazing.

WiFi Haat is a part of Carnival Internet’s ongoing commitment to empower the remote parts of the country with seamless internet connectivity, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. Carnival Internet, a local internet service provider, has brought internet access to remote parts of the country, where people are hungry for internet but have next to no access, by way of WiFi Haat – an inspired move that will help thousands of locals. 

Rural users could access high-speed internet by purchasing scratch cards.

Most of the places where the Haats are located hardly had any internet coverage. People could access internet from their mobile phones but the network is very patchy, so the speed is very slow.

Rural users could access high-speed internet by purchasing scratch cards. Carnival has partnered with traditional shopkeepers and tea stall owners for the WiFi Haat, where they have installed their systems.

Rural users could access high-speed internet by purchasing scratch cards for certain durations that contain unique passwords from the shopkeepers and tea stall owners. 

Carnival Internet first introduced the concept of WiFi Haat in Baniachong – the largest village in Asia in Sylhet division. It has since installed more than 350 such haats across the country.


Internet cards from WiFi Haat enable users to seamlessly use high-speed internet at a low cost, enabling freelancers, students and job-seekers in remote villages to empower themselves by learning new skills and putting them to good use by freelancing and earning.

Our great hope that internet connectivity will reach the remotest corners of the country and the entire country will be connected to the world so that in an age of globalization, no one from Bangladesh is left behind. It’s really exciting! Isn’t it!?