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I’m Muzahedul Islam (মুজাহিদ)- an artist, brand shaper and interior designer. I love to do thoughtful paintings, translate complex problems into simple and successful solutions. I am super enthusiast about framing brand perceptions and making connections with the target audiences. To me, creative without strategy is Art; creative with strategy is Marketing. I believe, creativity is essential in business because it’s a differentiator.

Currently I’m working at Dotlines Group, the institution where I grew up. Dotlines is a technology powered consumer and business solution group, headquartered in Singapore, working across Asia, including Bangladesh. We have a simple dream. A simple dream to simplify the work of thousands. To simplify the life of millions.


Home & Office Art Curation | Where Your Spaces Speak

Beyond trends Art & Décor, for your gorgeous living room, stairs, bedroom, dining room, office, hotel, café, lounge etc.


Paintings & Gallery Photography | Your Wall Deserves a Masterpiece

Paintings and gallery photography is very versatile. Change your space, create mood, convey feelings, reflects who you are.


Kids Room Design | The Most Important Room in Your House

Design the most important room in your house, for the most important people in the world! Bringing joy in the lives of your little and growing ones.


Home & Office Space Management

Space Management, A Significant Part of Your Home and Office. Which Space actually reflect who you are. Benefit of space management is the ability for constant improvement of your space to fit your changing needs.


Branding & Creativity Oriented Assistance

Your brand is worthless if it does not connect with the right audience in a relevant way. The most important aspects being a successful startup or established company is to convey your message in the best possible way. 


Voice Over

Quality voice over is the key aspect of any production (when used). Clear voice and a comfortable volume can be the most essential part for your next work done.

A Rockstar Employee Appreciation Award

In Dotlines, I feel fortunate to work with an encouraging bosses here. 

A Rockstar Employee Appreciation Award

I'll forever be loyal to the Dotlines, learned so much and have grown professionally.

Brand Identity Award | Los Angeles Basketball Association

"Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing." Visual Identity Competition Winner.

Award for Arts Achievement

International Art Exhibition S.M.Sultan Top 10 Gold Award winner. “Art is not what we see, but what we make others see.” 


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