I had no desire except to become an interior designer for income. Beside that I loved to do paintings for inner peace and also for earning some money. Because I used to supply artworks to various home and office interior projects. But suddenly I got into branding, that’s a long story indeed, will tell you some other day. Switching profession and coming into the branding, an artist inspired me a lot. In that days when I studying in fine arts. He is the great surreal Artist Salvador Dali, I inspired because I was also an artist and fan of surrealism.


In the world of confectionery, where flavors and colors captivate the senses, some brands transcend the ordinary, weaving stories that linger. Among these, a remarkable narrative involves Salvador Dali’s surreal genius transforming the Chupa Chups logo, turning it into an iconic symbol.

Founded in Catalonia in the 1950s, Chupa Chups began as a practical solution to keep children’s hands clean while enjoying candies. However, the brand aspired for a global presence, necessitating a unique identity. In a bold, unprecedented move, founder Enric Bernat sought Salvador Dali’s artistic expertise.

Dali, a maestro of surrealism, delivered a masterstroke. In less than an hour, he reimagined Chupa Chups’ logo with a simple yet captivating design, embedding the brand name elegantly within it. His strategic suggestion to place the logo atop the wrapper ensured maximum visibility and impact.

This collaboration exemplifies how art can transcend its traditional boundaries, invigorating a brand with creativity and imagination. The fusion of Dali’s artistic flair with Chupa Chups’ commercial vision transformed the candy brand into a cultural icon, illustrating the profound impact of creativity in brand storytelling.